Can we make world class red wine in Odelouca River Valley in Silves-Portugal?

quarta-feira, 3 de Outubro de 2007

It is exciting to think that Odelouca River Valley can produce World class red wine!

I'm one of these dreamers and we work for that. Please Join us! Make your project in this Valley!

We have poor schist-clay soil (Nitrogen free...), mediteranean Climate, 500 mm rain fall per year, good variety of vine, very low yield.

Soon I will explain our Winetour project (Oenoturism) and of course our 2 first production 2006 and 2007, both in 100% new oak Barrels.

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ago83fr disse...


i wanted buy your total recolt of 2007 for my restaurant in France near LYON.

Coud we have the name of the wine, the price, some pub, etc ?


Marcel disse...

Hi Patrick

I am absolutely sure we can produce world class wine in The Odelouca River Valley!
I tried some yesterday.

You deserve to be succesful and we wish you lots of fun with your Quinta.

Marcel and Joke